Governance Manual - Wakenya Pamoja Sacco - Kisii - Kenya

Publication proposée par Madeline Hirshland


A programme for the development of participative microfinance systems in Kenya was supposed to be launched in 2004 by CIDR with the collaboration of WPS (Wakenya Pamoja Sacco, named GRFS at the time), a savings and credit cooperative (Sacco).

But the Sacco faced serious governance problems which delayed the programme opening. A fact finding mission underlined the weaknesses and threats affecting the direction board. It was then decided to set clear rules among the sacco top management team. On request of the general manager, the CIDR technical assistant and the WPS legal officer wrote a governance manual. It was agreed that it should be signed by the members of the five committees and that the rules set will be reminded regularly in the meetings.


Clarifying and improving the relationships between the board of directors and executives is a first step towards an healthy and efficient governance. This governance manual can be used as a model to adapt to other Saccos willing to clarify and formalize their governance policy.

It illustrates how to write policies defining the roles of each type of officials and how to frame rules to ensure healthy relationships between them. It shows also how good governance practices can be promoted in a smooth way.


The governance manual sets out rules concerning :

- The transversal duties and responsabilities of all committees members
- The purpose and global organization of each specific committee (management, executive, supervisory, credit, education tender, transport). The job duties and responsibilities of their members is also detailed.

The code of conduct sets standards and explains how to avoid conflicts of interest, bribery and disclosure of confidential information, and how to respect the chain of command in dealing with employees.