Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual - Wakenya Pamoja Sacco - Kisii - Kenya

Publication proposée par Paul Henri Picot


The partnership project between CIDR and Wakenya Pamoja Sacco (WPS) started in March 2005 to strengthen the institution and implement diversification which could enable its customers and the population of poor rural areas to develop other sources of income.

The strengthening of Human Resources was set as a priority area of support. With an overall purpose to improve transparency, staff productivity and WPS’ ability to meet set objectives precisely, the strategy was to formalize and rationalize the role and responsibility of each staff member and to create an incentive scheme. Three specific outputs were targeted : a reform of the hierarchy and assignments among employees, an incentive scheme system and a Human Resource manual.

The Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual was designed jointly by CIDR technical assistant and by the deputy general manager for operations –who serves as the human resource manager, the legal officer and the general manager. It was completed in May 2007.


The methodology and composition of this Human Resource Manual can be used as a model in the context of other partnerships with SACCOs getting support for their diversification and/or institutional strengthening.

It unfolds how to design written policies defining the rights and obligations of staff members and the SACCO employing them and framing the relationships between them. However the user shall bear in mind that it is designed to be used by staff members as an operational guideline manual, not as a contract.


The Manual exposes the commitments of the SACCO towards fair employment conditions – equal opportunity, transparent recruitment and salary scale, etc. - and the general principles and code of conduct framing employees’ behavior inside the SACCO – avoidance of conflicts of interest, etc.

It displays the rights and obligations of all employees regardless of their position. The former notably describes the Medical Benefits, Accident and Life Insurance schemes and the Retirement plan. The latter includes the rules regarding attendance, absenteeism and leaves. It outlines the principles guiding performance evaluation and incentive.

Appendix 1 presents the job descriptions ; appendix 2 describes the procedures regarding education and training of staff members.