Microfinance client initial training module - Development of participative microfinance - Kisii - Kenya

Publication proposée par Paul Henri Picot


The Participative Microfinance Development Project in Kenya (PMDP), started in January 2003 with an opportunity study that identified Gusii Farmers Rural SACCO (GFRS) as a promising partner for developing credit and savings services to the rural population in the Kisii region.
GFRS’s mission is consistent with the objectives of the project that is to provide appropriate, flexible and efficient financial services on a sustainable basis, especially to tea and coffee farmers, but also to its other customers.
This document is a guide introducing GFRS and its Microfinance Department to the group members.


This guide will be useful to prepare and elaborate the initial training of the clients acceding to a microfinance organisations’services.
It is aimed at equipping them with the necessary information concerning the organisation and operations of the microfinance department.

Executive summary

Four modules are presented and developed :

- Module 1 is the presentation of the microfinance window in GFRS. It addresses the global objective of the department, the microfinance target groups and the organization of the microfinance department.

- Module 2 addresses the financial products on offer and their features, as well as the other financial services available at GFRS (savings and others).

- Module 3 addresses the group lending methodology and the associated transactions modalities.

- Module 4 is dedicated to training of group leaders on their responsibilities and different tasks.