Procedures manual for cashiers of a RSCF - Dévelopment of participative microfinance - Oromiya - Ethiopia

Publication proposée par Paul Henri Picot


The rural savings and credit facilities (RSCF) have to observe a strict guideline of procedures to complete any administrative or financial operations.
Within the framework of the Project supported by Wasasa IMF and CIDR in rural areas of the Oromiya Region, in Ethiopia, a procedures manual for cashiers of a RSCF has been elaborated by the Microfinance Technical Support Centre to establish their different tasks.


This guide is a reference for technical operators of participative microfinance systems implementing saving and credit facilities, as it describes the main operations executed by the cashiers and precise for each of them, the rules and process to observe.


The cashiers are involved in activities of registration, checking and control in operations related to :

- Membership
- Savings account (SA) deposit
- SA withdrawal
- Time deposit (TD)
- TD withdrawal
- Flexible time deposit (FTD)
- FTD withdrawal
- Loan application
- Loan disbursement
- Loan repayment : regular and big instalment loans
- Loan repayment : term loans
- Operating expenses
- Sale of passbook and other incomes
- Fixed assets
- End of the day operations
- End of the month operations