Satisfaction survey methodology - Cereal banks promotion and access to market - Oromo - Ethiopia

Publication proposée par Michel Pernot du Breuil


Within the framework of the program promoting cereal banks in Ethiopia, investigations were carried out near the members of the organizations of producers. A tool has been introduced by NGO’s of support in order to evaluate the impact of their activities on producers’ economical and social situations as well as regarding the level of empowerment of the producers through their participation to the CBs.


The document is a methodologic tool used by NGO’s to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the producers working in promoted cereal banks.
Built on a global approach which consists in interviewing the whole actors concerned by CBs setting up and development, this methodology makes easier the sharing and cross-checking of information.


- The document highlights the benefits for the various parties involved (cereal banks/NGO’s) to carry out the satisfaction survey.
- The methodology for collecting evaluation data by the cereal banks is then described : it consists in carrying individual interviews, in meetings with group members and in discussions with the various stakeholders.
- The FFARM Platform coordinates the whole process until the drafting of the final report.
- 7 questionnaires used to realize the satisfaction survey are appended to the document for review by the presidents of cereal banks, members of the CB, non-members of CB, groups of women members of the CB, partners of the environment of the CB and the NGO team promoting CB ERSHA.