Jimma market study soybean production in Dimtu area - Promotion of cereal banks and access to market - Oromo - Ethiopia

Publication proposée par Michel Pernot du Breuil


The document is a report of market study on soya in the area of Dimtu in Ethiopia. It has been realized in 2006 by the technical platform of support to the producers organizations (ESOP), together with CIDR.
The main objective of the current market study is to assess the possible market opportunities, both locally and out of the local, and propose different strategies of marketing soybean produce of Dimtu area Farmers Market Organizations (FMOs) for the coming three years.


The study has employed different methodological approaches to explore necessary data and analyse. It has also defined scope as specified in the terms of reference given to the study team by FCE (local NGO cooperating with CIDR) as a commissioning organization of the study.
Limitations of this study are clearly indicated although they do not have significant effect on the findings and conclusions of the study.

Executive summary

The introduction present the background of the program led by CIDR with its partners in the region of Dimtu and explains the reasons for conducting a new field study.
The second part is dedicated to the analysis of the expected marketable quantities of soya for 2006, 2007 and 2008 crop years.
The study then describes the potential markets, competition and competitors and summarizes different forms of soybean-based products and their main characteristics with regard to possible market, competitor(s) and interest for value chain integration (value added and links locally induced) through promotion of local interface.