Opportunity study for value chain promotion in Kuyu CB network - Ethiopia

Publication proposée par Maud Fekadu


The ESOP approach (Service firm and Organizations of producers) aims to facilitate the access to the market of the small agricultural producers in order to increase and make safe their incomes. Therefore it proposes to accompany the creation of service firms capable to enter into a contract with producers organized in Farmers Marketing Organisation (FMO), in relation with the market demand.

The ESOP offers to the FMO a set of services intended to reinforce their technical capabilities, organisational and commercial enabling them to become gradually true actors of the agricultural fields. In Ethiopia, the program makes the promotion of cereal banks directed on the one hand towards the food securisation of the producers and on the other hand towards the securisation of their incomes by better conditions of marketing.

A Cereal Bank Promotion Platform (CCBP) is in addition charged to support the cereal banks on the technical level as well as a network of NGO promoting cereal banks.


The document is a report/ ratio of opportunity study for the noog production and sale promotion in the area of Kuyu where a network of cereal banks supported by the NGO Hundee is active.

This report is a good example of study of fields which uses the chain value approach to analyse the assets and the opportunities of the development of a new speculation for an ESOP.


A team of Facilitating Farmers Access to Remunerative Markets (FFARM) in collaboration with one field worker of Hundee at Kuyu cereal bank network has made a mission to Kuyu District from February 21-25, 2006.

The main objective of the study was to identify effective and efficient market and value chain system for noog production, processing and marketing in Kuyu area through in depth study and analysis of involved actors’ capacity and market functions so that the farmers through their organization can engage at a level they can be better beneficial in the value chain.

This study is a continuous process based on a study made in 2004 to identify opportunities for promotion of Cereal Banks network in the area by Hundee.