Three year programme - Promotion of self managed health insurance schemes - Nyeri - Kenya

Publication proposée par Claude Meyer


From early 2001 to the end of 2003, CIDR has supported in Kenya the implementation of Community-Based Health Self-Managed Schemes (CBHSMS). So far, six CBHSMS are operating in the district of Nyeri, with 1.800 people participating.
This document is a three-year-program (2004-2007) proposing and justifying the extension and consolidation of the CBHSMS in Nyeri District.


This document is usefull both for internal needs (planning of the programme, activities, etc.) and for resources mobilization from the donors.
It also informs promoters and partners on CIDR’s strategic approach of CBHSMS in Kenya.

Executive summary

The three-year-programme presents :
- The synthesis of the project,
- The programme local partners,
- The programme activities justification,
- The intervention description, expected results,
- Required means for implementation and activities chronogram.

The logical framework can be found at the end of the programme presentation.
And attached to the document : the french version of the programme.