Second phase evaluation report - Promotion of self managed health prepayment schemes - Luwero - Uganda

Publication proposée par Siméon Nsabimana


The community-based health prepayment programme in Luwero District, Uganda, was set up in 1999 by CIDR. The programme first phase ended in 2002. The second phase ran from 2003 through 2005 and has been implemented by a Ugandan NGO named SHU (Save for Health Uganda), with technical and methodological support from CIDR.
This document is the evaluation report of the programme second phase. An evaluation mission has been realized to identify its strengths and weaknesses, so as to decide what should be the next phase main orientations.


This evaluation report is interesting as its presents reliable tools and methodology to measure the schemes sustainability and impact on the population targeted by the health micro insurance programme.
It shows the content of the partnership assessment between the operators (SHU), and the technical supervisor of the programme (CIDR) in order to delineate their respective responsibilities.
Also, tools presented in appendix should be useful : the guide for interviews with schemes members, Executive Committee members, non-scheme members and project’s agents ; and tools for managing health credit systems.

Executive summary

The evaluation report is structured according to the mission terms of reference (annexe 1, at the end of the report). It is divided up in four main sections.
After a quick presentation of the applied methodology, the first section reports on the evaluation findings. Recommendations are presented in section three, while appendices are gathered in section four.
In the findings and recommendation sections the report is organized along the lines described in the terms of reference : the programmes scope of action, viability and implementation process.