Second Phase Programme - Promotion of self-managed health insurance schemes - Mbozi - Tanzania

Publication proposée par Alexis Bigeard


The self-managed health insurance schemes (SMHIS) Programme in Mbozi district (Tanzania) started in 2002. A first initial experimental phase (2002-2004) taking place in the Igamba Division, has permitted the testing of the feasibility of insurance products and their self management by organized groups. By mid 2004, ten SMHIS had begun operations with a current total of 3 912 members.
The document is the presentation of the second phase of the SMHIS Programme in Mbozi District which has been elaborated in December 2004 by CIDR. It projects the upcoming programme extension and structuring phase.


The document informs health insurance scheme promoters and donors about the programme global progress since 2002.
It gives the justification of the second phase by detailing its objectives and activities planned for the next three-year-period of consolidation.
It should be an example of a three year programme proposal for those ones who have to elaborate the same kind of documents.

Executive summary

The report sums up the first phase results.
It presents the overall and specific objectives, as well as the activities planned, the main ones being :
- To extend the Schemes Network and to reinforce it with the creation of a specialized technical service ;
- To reach financial sustainability by improving SMHIS’ ability to control their health insurance products, and day-to-day management ;
- To make more effective and complete the partnership agreement between Mbozi hospital and the SMHIS.

The presentation announces then : the Action plan, the roles of the different actors working on the project, the links developed with others programmes in the region, the monitoring and evaluation procedures, the expected results, and the resources needed for implementation of the programme objectives.