Simulation game for sensitization sessions - Promotion of self managed health insurance schemes - Mbozi - Tanzania

Publication proposée par Fahdi Dkhimi


Health insurance schemes experiences tend to confirm that communication weakness can be one of the causes explaining their low penetration rates. The health insurance schemes system is complex and required indeed a relevant communication strategy to insure its successfull deployment from the implementation phase, up to the consolidation phase.
This document is the presentation of a simulation game aiming to raise people awareness on health insurance schemes benefits and advantages. It has been realized by the Health Insurance Schemes Programme in Mbozi District, Tanzania.


This game is a pedagogical tool which can be useful to make people more sensitive to sickness risk pooling avantages.
It explains, by putting people in real life, the purpose of the health insurance schemes in a simple and comprehensive way.

Executive summary

The document presents the game rules and regulations.
It specifies how the game works by stages and justifies the utility and relevancy of its rules.