Survey about the perception of Kiwoko hospital and health financing strategies - Promotion of self managed health prepayment schemes - Luwero - Uganda

Publication proposée par Bruno Galland


To implement the program of "Promotion of self managed health pre-payment systems" in Luweero region (Uganda), it was necessary, firstly, to analyze the local situation regarding healthcare access and quality as well as people strategies to finance their medical expenses.
The document is a satisfaction survey about Kiwoko Hospital services and health financing strategies. It is part of the feasibility study carried out by CIDR to collect information from the people concerned by the implementation of a health micro insurance program in Uganda.


Presented in the form of a short questionnaire, this survey is a tool which can be used as a model by investigators to realize satisfaction surveys in similar contexts. It reminds the main topics that must be assessed by promotors of a prepayment system during the phase of feasibility phase.


The questionnaire addresses three subjects and proposes a set of questions for each of them :

1- Perception of Kiwoko hospital services
2- Perception of health care delivered by other health facilities
3- Opinion on hospital health care payment methods.