Feasibility study report - Promotion of self managed health micro insurance systems - Mbozi - Tanzania

Publication proposée par Bruno Galland


The program of "Promotion of self managed health micro insurance systems" in Tanzania started in 2002 to support the creation of community based insurance schemes in Mbeya region. The program is jointly promoted by CIDR and Evangelische Zentralstelle für Entwicklungshilfe (EZE), a german not-for-profit organization.
The document is the appendix of a feasibility study report done in 2000. It presents the criteria used to select the zones to be analysed by the feasibility study.


The document is interesting because :
- It shows how to set up and coordinate the partnership between the schemes and the private Hospital of Mbozi
- The groups’ identification has been particularly well realized (mostly regarding coffee producers who are, till today, one of the main pillars for the schemes’ viability).


The document explains the methodology used to realize the study.

It applies that methodology in analyzing the pre-identified zones :
- comparison between villages potentials
- analysis of the districts socio-economic environment
- assessment of the health care provided in the districts.

In appendix, the complete methodology used for the zones selection.