Programme proposal - Phase III - Promotion of self managed health prepayment schemes - Bushenyi - Uganda

Publication proposée par Siméon Nsabimana


A programme of promotion of self managed health prepayment schemes has been set up in Luwero district by CIDR since 1999 and by SHU (Save for Health Unganda) since 2003.
After six years of implementation in Luwero, the program had to extend its activites to another district. A feasibility study has been realized in Bushenyi and Masaka districts and it was finally decided to prepare a programme proposal to promote self managed health prepayment schemes in Bushenyi district.


This document is a good example of a micro health insurance (MHI) programme proposal, for a presentation to the donors. Realized by SHU, with CIDR support, it has been positevely received by the donor.
It constitutes a model for promotors who want to set up a program of schemes implementation after a positive feasibility phase has been completed.

Executive summary

The proposal presents the activities planned to reach the following ouputs :
- The new schemes are operational
- SHU is recognized as a partner within the health sector by Bushenyi district Authorities
- Collaboration between healthcare providers and schemes is operational
- Peoples health needs are covered by the schemes
- SHU team has acquired capacity to implement Community Based Health Financing (CBHF) schemes.

It provides a detailed methodology of promotion, the implementation table and the logical framework of the programme.